Credit Cards

Why not earn a little cash back while expensing lunch?

With a CommunityAmerica Visa® BusinesPlatinum CashBack card, you can get annual CashBack rewards of up to 1%. So the more green you spend, the more green you'll see.

CashBack Program:
Offers annual credit on January statement for net purchases.

Rewards Percentages
      $0 - $1,000 =   .25%
$1,001 - $2,000 =   .50%
$2,001 - $3,000 =   .75%
$3,001 - and up = 1.00%
  • Prime rate + 9.99% to 19.99%*
  • Up to 1% cash back rebate on annual net purchases*
  • No annual fee
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • 24-hour account information by phone
  • Easy payment options - simply sign up for Visa® Auto-Pay to have your credit card payments made automatically from your CommunityAmerica Credit Union savings or checking account, and we'll do the work for you
  • Card transactions are protected by the CommunityAmerica Visa® Zero Liability Policy**
  • Cash advance and nationwide ATM access available
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. CommunityAmerica Business Credit Card Rate is determined by adding an index (Prime + 9.99% to 19.99%) to the U.S. Prime Rate published in the Money Rates section of the Wall Street Journal on the first business day of the month. Rates are subject to change. Rate and credit limit based on applicant credit. Net purchases do not include cash advances, convenience checks or returns.
**The CommunityAmerica Visa® Zero Liability Policy does not apply to ATM transactions, or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa®.
Traveling outside the United States?

Thank you for choosing your CommunityAmerica cards when traveling. For your protection, we have made changes to our policies regarding CheckLink (debit), ATM and credit card transactions made outside of the United States. If you are traveling outside the United States and plan to use your CommunityAmerica debit, ATM and credit cards, please contact us at 800.892.7957 for details.
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