Find the mortgage that works for you.

Home financing should be understandable, easy and convenient. That's where we come in. CommunityAmerica offers a wide range of financing options, interest rates and terms, giving you the opportunity to find the best loan to fit your needs.

Conventional Mortgages

This form of credit union loan allows you to enjoy the lowest APR in decreasing rate environments. That rate requires a larger amount down than other loans. If you have a higher credit score and plenty of money out of pocket, a conventional mortgage loan may be your best option. 

FHA & VA Mortgages

Your dream home now comes with a dream loan. And the government has created ways to make the dream of owning a home come true for many. These home loans can be more accessible to those who don’t have the larger down payments needed for the more conventional home loan. No matter if you’re a civilian or a veteran, FHA and VA Mortgage Loans may be the answer for you. 

7-12 Year Refi Loan

Exclusive to our credit union, this mortgage refinance loan offers current home owners a way to often knock years off their current mortgage and even reduce their monthly payments in the process. And as a credit union, we have the ability to close your loan in record time. Add in lower closing costs and you have a pretty powerful mortgage loan package you can only find at CommunityAmerica Credit Union.  

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