Profit Payout

We just returned $5.5 million to those who bank with us.

It's probably time for a bigger money launcher.

Because we’re all about bringing Profit to the People, it only makes sense that we collectively share in the success. That’s the fundamental difference between your credit union and a bank. We hope you enjoy spending, saving, donating, or investing your portion of this year’s Profit Payout. We also want you to know it’s possible for you to get an even larger share of next year’s profit. Just check out our new calculator by clicking the image below:

Whether you open a loan, mortgage or deposit account, or invest with our financial planners, you’ll realize that when we declare “Profit to the People,” our Profit Payout is just the beginning.

Dividend is discretionary & approved annually by CommunityAmerica's Board of Directors. Federally insured by the NCUA.
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