Special Needs Planning Center

Our Story

The Special Needs Planning Center was formed specifically to work with families who have children with special needs. The firm was created out of the need for a comprehensive planning service which would assist families in coordinating their legal and financial planning with the intent of preserving government benefits such as social security.

We have developed a process, and a team around that process, to help families ensure this care. We recognize that every family with a child with special needs faces unique challenges every day in caring for their loved ones and it takes a well developed plan to make sure that the child continues receiving the same level of care should his or her parents no longer be able to provide it.

Our plan includes specifically designed legal work, an advanced view of financial management and time dedicated to coordinate a care routine for your child. In the end all our families care about is that their son or daughter will be able to live the most personally fulfilling life possible once their parents are no longer able to continue caring for them.

By assisting families in creating these plans and educating them about their available options we know that their loved one will be protected and cared for.

Behind every child with special needs is a family who is facing a variety of unique challenges. Like the leaves of a tree, the legal and financial PLANS for each family take a different shape.

The options can be overwhelming without the guidance of a professional whose roots are firmly planted in your child's best interest. Providing direction & stability to each of our families is the foundation for the Special Needs Planning Center.


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